Umbrella Insurance in York, PA

When you own your home, your vehicle, a boat, RV, or just about anything else, you likely have some form of insurance coverage in place to protect it. You are often required by law to have at least some kind of insurance coverage in place, so at the very least, you have some liability coverage in the event of an accident. However, there might be times where you should consider taking out additional liability coverage, not only for one item but for everything you own. This is done with what is known as umbrella insurance.

Now, umbrella insurance is not for everyone, but it can prove especially beneficial in protecting yourself, your household, and those within the house in certain situations. If you're interested in learning more about umbrella insurance and live in the state of Pennsylvania, our staff here at Peiffer Insurance is here to help you out.

Additional Liability Coverage for What You Own

Umbrella insurance provides added liability coverage over everything you own. So why would you need something like this? In the event of someone slipping on your front sidewalk or being involved in an accident with you, they might attempt to levy a large lawsuit against you (or someone in your family). Traditional insurance may not provide the necessary liability coverage, which is where umbrella coverage comes in.

Why Peiffer Insurance for Umbrella Insurance in York, PA?

Is umbrella insurance right for you? In some instances, you may not need it. If you rent your home, live on your own, and don't own other vehicles, boats, or other assets, you may not need this kind of insurance. However, in many other situations, if you have a family, own your house, or even your own business, umbrella insurance may be exactly what you need for added protection. Our team at Peiffer Insurance in York, PA can help you determine this. So, give us a call and let us answer all of your umbrella insurance questions.

Partner Carriers

At Peiffer Insurance we want to make sure you are in the best rate possible. This is why we have teamed with the most competitive insurance carriers in the area. We currently offer Nationwide Insurance, Liberty Mutual’s Safeco Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Grange Insurance, Penn National Insurance, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, Farmer’s Foremost Insurance, Allstate’s National General Insurance, Bristol West, Kemper, American Modern, Aegis, K&K Special Event Liability, and many more for all your insurance needs!

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