Bristol West Insurance in York, PA

Peiffer Insurance works in partnership with Bristol West Insurance to ensure that you get the best premium rates possible for all your insurance needs. Bristol West Insurance is a great partner to work with because they are known for providing a wide range of insurance products, including auto insurance for high-risk drivers.

About Bristol West Insurance

Bristol West Insurance is part of Farmers Insurance, which is well known as one of the country's ten largest insurance companies. Bristol West Insurance works through a network of insurance brokers and agents spread across 42 states. Bristol West also provides clients with liability auto insurance as well as other state-required types of coverage. They offer comprehensive and collision coverage and other typical add-ons, including rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance. Other options available at Bristol West Insurance include the following:

  • Gap insurance. With this type of cover, if you still owe more on your lease or loan when your car is stolen or totaled, they will cover the difference less your deductible.
  • SR-22 and FR-44. You will be required to provide an SR-22 form in many states to show that you have auto insurance after a serious violation such as a DUI. You will need to provide an FR-44 form in Florida and Virginia to show that you have enough coverage. Bristol West Insurance provides both SR-22 and FR-44 forms at your request.
  • Rideshare coverage for drivers who work for services such as Lyft or Uber. The insurance covers you when you are waiting for ride requests from customers or en route to pick up passengers.

Multiple Auto Insurance Discounts at Bristol West

Bristol West Insurance provides an array of auto insurance discounts hardly found in most leading insurance companies and specialty insurers. Some of the most popular discounts include three and five-year good driving discounts, multiple insurance plans bundling discounts, and a lower premium for every year that you renew your coverage with the company. It is always a good idea to take advantage of its competitive rates if you qualify for multiple discounts.

Bristol West Auto insurance discounts also include the following:

  • Reduced deductible by up to $100 for every year you renew your policy.
  • Discounts when you pay premiums using electronic means.
  • Discounts for on-time bill payment.
  • Discounts for bundle multiple policies, such as motorcycles or mobile homes, for two or more vehicles.
  • A discount for parents or guardians with a young driver at college.
  • A discount when you switch from another insurance provider to Bristol West.
  • Discounts for having a good driving record in a period of three years and five years.

Bristol West Insurance provides the much-needed middle ground between the benefits and savings exclusively offered by large insurance companies and the regular consumer. The company also offers lenient coverage options for drivers who specialize in high-risk driving occupations and tasks.

By partnering with Bristol West, Peiffer Insurance can provide you with an interesting mix of benefits and perks typically available to large insurance companies and exclusively offered to high-end companies and individuals.

Partner Carriers

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