K & K Insurance Insurance in York, PA

Peiffer Insurance partners with K&K Insurance to ensure that their clients get the best premium rates possible for every type of insurance need. K&K Insurance is a great partner to work with, primarily because of its focus on event liability coverage – weddings, festivals, trade shows, organized 5K runs, sports camps, and other attractions. K&K insures the world’s fun!

About K&K Insurance

K&K Insurance is based in Indiana and was established in 1952 in Fort Wayne by two motorsports enthusiasts, Nord Krauskopf and his wife, Teddi. The company is famous for its coverage of different aspects of the motorsports industry and manages and markets a fund for injured race car drivers. In 1993, the company was acquired by AON Plc but still operates under the name of K&K Insurance. The founders of K&K Insurance are enthusiasts of motorsports and understand all the risks involved in the sport. When launching the company, they designed insurance products that target the motorsport industry, including race teams, race track facilities, and sponsors.

In the 1960s and the 1970s, the company took part in many racing events either as a team owner or sponsor. The company participated in the 1970 NASCAR Grand National Championship, where hall-of-fame driver Bobby Isaac set a closed-course world speed record that was not broken for the next 13 years.

Over the decades, K&K Insurance has expanded into events that provide motorsports entertainment, including fairs and festivals. They now insure sports organizations and facilities in addition to leisure and recreational organizations. At present, the company offers coverage for over 70 programs in the entertainment, leisure, recreation, sports, and motorsports industries. They even provide coverage for animal zoos, aquariums, horse and dog tracks, martial arts, dance studios, gymnastics, intercollegiate sports, motorsports race teams and tracks, bowling, and billiards centers, sports arenas, campgrounds, festivals, skating rinks, power sports dealerships, and many more.

K&K Insurance is a financially stable company with over 200 employees. The company takes pride in "insuring the world's fun" by providing a wide range of insurance coverage for sports, entertainment, and leisure events. They have a capable underwriting team that is always ready to help organizations with general liability and property coverage issues across the country. The company also partners with reputable insurance brokers and agents such as Peiffer Insurance.

Working in the sports, leisure, and entertainment industries comes with its unique set of challenges. To overcome these challenges, K&K Insurance relies on teams of expert underwriters, most of whom have decades of experience creating niche program businesses for a wide range of clients, including owners of campgrounds, professional sports facilities, and sponsors.

When an incident happens, the company's claims division has a team of experts ready to find a resolution that considers the client's interests. At K&K Insurance, the client's interests are prioritized over everything else. By partnering with K&K Insurance, Peiffer Insurance can now ensure that clients in a relevant field such as sports, entertainment, and leisure industries can now access the best insurance products from a reputable company with over 65 years of experience.

Partner Carriers

At Peiffer Insurance we want to make sure you are in the best rate possible. This is why we have teamed with the most competitive insurance carriers in the area. We currently offer Nationwide Insurance, Liberty Mutual’s Safeco Insurance, Progressive Insurance, Grange Insurance, Penn National Insurance, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance, Farmer’s Foremost Insurance, Allstate’s National General Insurance, Bristol West, Kemper, American Modern, Aegis, K&K Special Event Liability, and many more for all your insurance needs!

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